Free Top Selling NZ DVD for our Guests

Kiaora - Hi... I'm Pete, your co-host of Kershaw House and a professional Documentary Producer plus business owner of New Zealand Video Productions

I have been filming and producing Documentaries about New Zealand since 1991. Now, as co-owner of Kershaw House and co-host with Jill, we offer our guests a free DVD of my top selling New Zealand Souvenir Documentary DVD, entitled "Kiwi Country New Zealand"

This DVD is the best selling New Zealand DVD on

"Kiwi Country New Zealand" DVD gives a great overview our country. The Standard DVD content includes the main 55 minute travel documentary "Kiwi Country" plus 2 other mini documentaries about the Maori People and Natural Wonders of New Zealand. Below is a 3 minute preview of my new HD version. Just press the big arrow in the middle of the picture below to play the preview of "Kiwi Country New Zealand"

Cheers... Pete